Rent subsidy

A subsidy from the Ministry of Economy may be claimed by any person who has a commercial space for rent and who has not been able to use it because of government measures.

We provide you with an overview of basic information on the submission of rent subsidy applications from the Ministry of Economy.

The purpose of the subsidy is for the landlord to forgive part of the rent in favour of the lessee. Rents that are not part of the rebae are included by the lessor with the subsidy provided.

Who can apply for a rent subsidy

The application shall be submitted by the lessor, who may be:

  • Natural person — entrepreneur
  • Natural person — non-founder
  • Legal entity — entrepreneur
  • Legal entity — non-founder

To what business area can be drawn a subsidy for rent

  • Room
  • part of the room 
  • a set of rooms (for example, a shop that has storage space).

This space must serve to sell goods or provide services to the final consumer and must not be registered as a residential area by decision of the building authority.

Conditions for drawing on the rent subsidy

  • Business space must be leased from 01.08.2020 and earlier.
  • The lease must be agreed by a lease or similar contract.
  • The lessee is not bankrupt, under restructuring and may not be subject to insolvency proceedings.
  • The lessee does not have a final penalty of prohibition on receiving subsidies.
  • The lessee is not the beneficiary of rescue or restructuring aid.
  • No recovery of the aid shall be claimed against the lessee on the basis of a decision of the European Commission.
  • The advantage of the rent subsidy is that the Ministry of Economy does not investigate arrears of taxes or levies as for other subsidies.

To what extent can a subsidy be claimed

The lessee is applying for a subsidy through the landlord. The subsidy is granted in the amount to which the lease discount was granted, but not more than 50% of the lease.

Where the rent also includes other rental services, such as cleaning of premises and energy, the subsidy shall not apply to those services.

For what period can a subsidy be claimed

  • The application shall be made within the number of days on which the Public Health Authority has been ordered to close or restrict the business area.
  • An overview of the current measures in force can be found on the website of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic.
  • The application shall always be submitted retrospectively.

For example: From 18.11.2020 to 18.12.2020, all hairdressers were closed by government decision. The rent subsidy application will be requested by the landlord for a period of 31 days.

Application for a subsidy step by step

The application shall be submitted exclusively electronically via the and shall be electronically signed by the lessor and the lessee.

  1. The landlord and the lessee agree to grant a rent discount.
  2. The landlord fills in the "Application for rent subsidy",via the portal using the form.
  3. The application thus completed shall be made available by the lessee for electronic signature by means of the 'multi-person signature' option.
  4. The tenant has 48 hours to review and sign the application.
  5. After signing the application by the tenant, sign at the end of the application the landlord.
  6. Only after signing and checking the application by both parties, the landlord sends the form.
  • The grant will be granted on behalf of the lessor and set against the lessee.
  • In order to access the it is necessary to have an ID card with a chip that is activated for electronic use.

By when you need to submit a subsidy request

A deadline is not set. It is bound to relax measures by the Public Health Authority and make full use of the business space.

When will the subsidy be granted

Immediately after checking compliance with the conditions and formalities of the submitted application.

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Mgr. Dominika Ružičková Kubišová, MBA
Author of the article
Assistant tax advisor and accountant active in the field of taxation and subsidies.  She graduated from the Academy of Economics and Management in Bratislava with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. She completed her studies at the European School of Business & Management in Prague with a focus on corporate business. He speaks fluent English.
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