Flexible packages

At TaxWise we charge many newly created s.r.o., and therefore we have customized our packages. These are designed so that small companies do not haveto pay too much for keeping accounts - unless they have only a few invoices, cash receipts or transactions in a bank account.

Benefits for accounting

  • You only pay for what we actually charge.
  • The package adapts to you every month.
  • Possibility to negotiate a fixed flat rate.


The principle of flexible packages is that the invoiced amount is determined by the accounting cases (entries) actually posted for the month. It is possible that without the need to sign an addendum to the contract, you may pay €95 for keeping accounts and another for only €43. The minimum reward is set to take into account communication with the client and time spent posting. Other packages take into account mostly only the time spent posting documents.

We currently offer our clients 3 packages of accounting services starting from €43. Over 100 posting entries, we invoice 80 cents for each additional posting item.

TaxWise - flexible packages






annual billing - TaxWise

Annual accounts

We may post additional accounting cases within the month already invoiced due to late delivery of documents. These may be cases involving no VAT, but also accounting cases relating to and affecting VAT, with the obligation to submit an additional VAT return. This is most often the beginning of the year when we post accounting cases until December when closing accounts and drawing up financial statements for the previous calendar year. We invoice these accounting cases that have not been billed as additional accounting entries, along with the financial statements.

Tax consultancy, consultation and administrative services

Tax advice provided by tax advisors, consultations provided by senior accountants, partners and tax advisors, as well as administrative services provided by accountants and assistants are not included in monthly packages. We invoice them based on the hours actually worked, at an hourly rate according to the price list.

Examples of when these are paid and unpaid accounting and tax advice.

Tax Consultancy - TaxWise
Flat Rate Invoicing - TaxWise

Flat-rate invoicing

Not every company is comfortable with flexible invoicing based on the number of accounting entries. There are clients who prefer the same invoicing every month. Fixed invoicing is preferred by clients because of a pre-planned cost budget or because of the setting up of a monthly standing order to pay our invoices, or for another reason. Even in this case, we can agree with the client individually and fulfill his request for invoicing a flat fee for keeping accounts and, if necessary, for other services.

Ing. Ján Svočák
Author of the article
Managing director of the company, tax advisor and entrepreneur in the field of business consulting and administrative services for small and medium-sized companies. He graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava and has been involved in consulting, taxation and accounting since 2007. He speaks fluent English.

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