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In case of interest in the sale or purchase of a company, the basis of the negotiation is information on the value of the company in question. Of course, the final price agreed upon by the seller and the buyer can be pushed in both directions from the specified value, since other than financial information enters the decision-making.

However, in standard market conditions, the valuation of a business is key when buying and selling it. Every investor wants to have their investment under control, with good prospects for the future and the highest possible profit potential with minimal risk.

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However, your business doesn't have to be for sale. Maybe you want to get project financing from a bank, or you are interested in modern ways to finance expansion through crowdfunding or get an angel investor for your unique idea or product novelty.

Even in the case of such business plans, the value of the company is the dominant indicator or key information for interested parties to start thinking about investing in the company at all.

If you are interested in valuing a business, whether because of the purchase or sale of the whole company, part thereof or the acquisition of investors, the following will be required:

  • at the outset, it is appropriate to compile a financial analysis of the company, at least in a simplified form
  • it is necessary to supply financial statements ideally for the last 3 years, if necessary for the last 5 years (large company, specific area of business, etc.)
  • overview of the company's fixed assets and other significant assets
  • overview of receivables and liabilities
  • inventory overview (if not a service business)
  • overview of significant customers and suppliers
  • competitive analyses, strategies, market surveys, know-how, licences, etc.
  • detailed information on human resources
  • all relevant documents relating to the company
  • other documents and information that could affect the value of the company,
    the future financial situation and legal aspects of the
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assessment of the enterprise 4

Methods of determining the value of the company that we prepare:

  • Yield (business) methods
  • Discounted cash flow method (DCF model)
  • Multiple EBITDA (EBITDA multiple) method
  • Proprietary (substance) methods
  • Book value method
  • Liquidation method

Determination of the value of an enterprise: from 890,- EUR

The valuation of the enterprise includes a report with the determination of value by at least two methods, a simplified overview and data from financial analysis and comments.

The price includes an ongoing and final consultation. In addition to Slovak, the report can be prepared in English, German and Czech.


-10% discount
for accounting
for service of documents by the 7th day

handout discount of 10% on accounting