Accai online invoicing tool included in the price of services

Issuing invoices is also inseparable from business. Accai brings a unique online solution that combines a free invoicing tool, open banking, automated real-time accounting coupled with interactive reporting.

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Experience digital entrepreneurship

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What do I get as a client free taxwise:

  • Unlimited free billing
  • Create all kinds of documents
  • Link invoicing to a bank
  • Transmission of reminders and recovery of receivables
  • Clear company reports
  • I'm halfway to finished accounting.

Online invoicing

  • Create different types of documents, such as quotes, prepayment invoices, tax documents, and more
  • Wide possibilities when issuing invoices (autofill of customer data, QR codes)
  • Customer lists are automatically linked to debtor lists
  • Easily create documents from other documents (e.g. regular invoices from prepayment invoices)
  • Automatic pairing of payments and invoices
  • Automatic sending of reminders of outstanding receivables
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Digitised accounting

  • Automatic posting of issued invoices
  • Open banking
  • Automatic posting of bank movements
  • Automated processing of VAT returns
  • Automated preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Tax Consultancy
  • Advanced reporting
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Automation and digitisation

  • Autofill take-away data
  • Predictive filling in invoice entries
  • Online link to bank accounts
  • Automatic pairing of bank movements
  • Transmission of reminders and recovery of receivables
  • Elaboration of tax returns
  • Prediction of cash flow and profit or loss
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I've been working on online invoicing and accounting using automation and artificial intelligence for more than two years. After two more years of development, we have launched Accai, which I firmly believe will fundamentally change the supply of accounting services on the market and bring as yet unknown opportunities to all entrepreneurs.

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Ján Svočák

Ján Svočák

Managing Director of TaxWise and Accai

For our clients , we offer the Accai online invoicing and accounting tool completely free of charge.

Create a free account, our system will automatically recognize you by your email address and assign you the highest possible package.

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Benefits of Accai

Saves your money

You will no longer need an accountant to post your documents, which will reduce your administrative costs.

Real-time data

With online access and data automation, you will have an overview of what is happening in your company at any time and from anywhere.

Saves your time

By introducing automatic processes, you will no longer have to worry about sending invoices, bank statements and other posting documents.

Manages your receivables

By automated reminders and possible calls from a lawyer, you will significantly reduce the number of unpaid invoices and improve your cash flow.


-10% discount
for accounting
for service of documents by the 7th day

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