Filing personal tax returns

Filling in a personal income tax return is not an easy matter at all, it is a finished science that must be governed by the applicable accounting and tax laws. 

The tax return must not forget any income that the taxpayer had in the previous tax year. 

We at TaxWise understand that every person, especially a sole trader, must devote himself above all to his activity and does not have the time or energy to learn the law.

That's why we have prepared a tax return processing option for you using Accai systemwhich allows you to create your tax return intuitively with our support.

By completing the questionnaire after registration in our Accai system, we allow you to prepare your tax return intuitively. We will submit your completed tax return to the tax office after a full check. All without the need for a personal visit.

We offer complete preparation and filing of personal income tax returnsfrom 40 Eur.

Non-binding form to be drawn up Income Tax Return 2023

We are the accounting partner of more than 600 satisfied clients.

A simple procedure for drawing up and filing a tax return:

  1. After completing the non-binding form, we will contact you and discuss together all the documents we will need from you.
  2. We will then send you an exact list of documents that we have agreed on by phone.
  3. We will process the delivered documents and information and send you a calculation of your tax for approval.
  4. Once approved, we will file your tax return with the tax office.
  5. Finally, you will receive your filed tax return, confirmation of filing of your tax return and any payment instruction for payment of tax from us.
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Who has to fill in and file a personal income tax return by law?

  • An individual whose total taxable income in 2023 exceeds €2,461.41
  • Self-employed persons
  • Staff members who also had income other than income from employment
  • Employees who have not applied to the employer for an annual tax settlement
  • A person who also had income from abroad
  • Natural persons who receive income under special regulations such as: veterinarian, interpreter, expert, auditor
  • Natural person who has sold the property within five years of its acquisition
  • Natural person who rents real estate
  • Natural person who has sold the property within five years of its acquisition
  • An individual who has earned income from authorship, artistic performance, provision of a work

Examples of documents most often needed to prepare and file a tax return

  • receipt from the employer,
  • invoices issued,
  • invoices and receipts received in the case of real expenditure,
  • bank statements,
  • receipts,
  • the child's birth certificate,
  • confirmation of reimbursements for DDS (Pillar III),
  • identification data of the donor body 2 % of taxes,
  • a certificate from the Labour Office for the application of the non-taxable part of the taxable amount to the unemployed spouse,
  • confirmation from the bank for the application of the tax bonus to the interest paid,
  • sales contracts on income from the sale of real estate,

An interesting thing you may not have known about:

A tax return is worth file with a working pensioner if his only taxable income was from employment and for 2021 did not exceed in total EUR 2255.72 and if the employer withcised advances on tax on that income. On the basis of the tax return submitted, if the above conditions are met, these tax advances will be refunded to him. 

A tax overpayment shall be refunded only if the amount is more than EUR 5.


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for service of documents by the 7th day

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