Financial planning & controlling

We could characterize financial planning or budgeting and control as a combination of methods and procedures that support the whole process of financial management of the organization. This process begins with the preparation of financial plans, mostly in the form of an estimated income statement or cost-benefit plan, an estimated balance sheet, a plan of investments and projects, and last but not least a cash flow plan or cash flow plan.

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Financial control shall include the procedures, principles and means by which the organisation monitors and controls the direction, allocation and use of its financial resources. Financial control is the basis for resource management and operational efficiency in each organisation.

A prerequisite for the success of each company is healthy finances supported by appropriate financial planning and continuous control of financial and economic activities.

Many times, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs do not have the function of planning and controlling in the company. The reason for this is most often the high additional cost of this activity. An experienced financial analyst, controller or manager is very expensive for a smaller company. The use of an external consulting company for this area is not customary in our territory, and since such services are mostly provided by large consulting firms, the price of such a service is also quite high.

We at TaxWise want to give our clients the opportunity to understand more deeply and manage their corporate finances more efficiently so that it is convenient for them. We understand that a sole trader or a smaller s.r.o. does not need to employ a professional financial position full-time. Therefore, we are happy to enter the role of an external provider of planning and controlling services. We can work together from just a few hours a month to provide regular reporting, we can support you in drawing up financial plans for future periods or in adjusting current ones. We will be happy to analyze the financial situation of your company and consult on the next steps.

Each offer is individual, tailored to the needs of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will go through the details in person. Try your business with financial management support at the level of large companies and corporations at a fraction of the cost with the same effect!

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