Establishment of a VAT payer s.r.o.

Price 599€ (VAT in the amount of 74,83€ will be refunded to you at the first tax return.)

Do you need to establish s.r.o. and become a VAT payer immediately? For you, our company will process the establishment of s.r.o. as well as a subsequent application for registration of VAT (vat payer) in approximately 6 weeks.

Establishment of s.r.o.

Each company is established as a VAT non-payer. We will provide you with the establishment of the company through our partner (personally connected company of our managing director and partner), who has already established more than 6000 companies in Slovakia. This process takes about 2 weeks. Once the company has been established, we will apply for a TIN. Of course, you can start a business right away.

Procedure of establishment of s.r.o.

  1. you will receive a questionnaire that you will fill in and send to us at the e-mail address
  2. we will immediately send you the necessary documents for signature by e-mail
  3. you sign the documents with the notary or at the registry office and send us by post
  4. we will arrange a trade license at the trade office
  5. we submit an application for registration of the company in the Commercial Register
  6. we will send you a first copy from the commercial register of your new s.r.o.
  7. we register your company with the relevant tax office

Advantages of establishing s.r.o. electronically

  • you don't have to go anywhere, you get everything from your computer,
  • you save money for verifying signatures with a notary,
  • Save time as you just need to e-mail documents.
  • you save nature as you do not need paper documents,
  • eliminate covid-19-related infection risk

-10% discount
for accounting
for service of documents by the 7th day

handout discount of 10% on accounting