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Start paying wages at rocket speed

How have wages been paid so far?

One of the services that TaxWise offers to its clients is payroll accounting.

Every month, the client receives a table by e-mail from our payroll clerk with data on wages, levies and taxes, to whom, what, where and how much to pay. Subsequently, the client must copy the box to internet banking, of course, each payment separately.

It is laborious, lengthy and carries a great potential for typos and unnecessary mistakes.

Therefore, we began to think about how this process could be automated, streamlined, how unnecessary copying of data could be avoided.

And so we created the Payroll – Payment Orders agenda at Accai.

What does this new improvement mean for you?

  • Monthly absolute simplification of the payment of wages, levies and taxes without laborious rewriting and copying of data and without the need to use another application
  • Avoiding errors, mistakes and typos in payments.
  • The share of labor costs in Accai will be directly shown in the pie cost charts 

Already more than 220 of our accounting clients use the Accai online invoicing and accounting tool to simplify their business life. Join them.

What will the rocket speed of paying wages look like?

From now on, each TaxWise client will also receive a link directly to Accai – Payment Orders – to the monthly payroll table. Where everything is already ready for payment in xml. format.

By clicking on the link, the client will be taken to Accai.

If he has an account with Tatra banka pays everything in one click with the mouse directly from the Accai application, he does not need to rewrite anything, copy anything, he does not need to use any other application. It pays all payments, wages, levies and taxes at once.

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If the client does not have an account with Tatra banka, he has the opportunity to make all payments at once by reading the QR code.

Do you know the benefits of using QR Codes?

payroll with qr code
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