Free accounting during a crisis

Free accounting for the duration of a pandemic

Did your orders, sales fall, or did you even have to close down? Do you know what the future holds for your business? All you know is that you have to continue to pay wages, rent, overheads and other costs.

No one can say today how long the pandemic will last and how humanly and economically it will affect all of us. Every entrepreneur is therefore already trying to find a way to save as much as possible on operating costs.

Free book keeping

We, too, are aware that mutual assistance and getting on with it are extremely important in these times. As part of our capacity is released by the end of the main accounting season, we have decided to contribute to improving the current situation. We offer clients to keep accounts for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic for free. So if you're looking for a way to reduce your costs with falling sales, we can help you save some overhead until the situation improves.

Who we are

Our company is engaged in accounting management, providing tax advice, processing wages and providing other related services. We have been operating on the market since 2007, first as bright ideas, s.r.o., after the separation of accounting services in 2016 we provide these services through TaxWise s.r.o..

Our team is made up of 15 experienced professionals, the quality of services provided is also increased by 2 tax advisors.

What services do we provide

We currently provide our services in Slovak, German and English for 330 entrepreneurs. Our clients are companies operating in the IT field, e-shops, construction companies, transport companies, taxi services, intermediary companies, pharmacies, gastro equipment or companies in the field of securities purchase and sale.

If this offer is interesting to you and the exchange of the accountant will help you to overcome the crisis period, we will only be happy. We do not have unlimited capacities, so we only know how to offer free accounting until our capacities are fulfilled. We offer free accounting for new clients for a period of 3 months, depending on the development of the situation or longer.

Today's pandemic and the restriction of personal contact between people are also not hindered by accounting. The transmission of documents can be carried out in full electronic means, dealing with accounting and tax issues by telephone or in writing.

Mgr. Ing. Ľuboš Čandik
Author of the article
He studied corporate management at the University of Economics and the Faculty of Law in Bratislava. Since 2005, he has worked for several major tax consultancy companies of international focus. It focuses on income tax, VAT, international taxation, tax optimisation, social and health regulations, labour and business law. He has been tax adviser since January 2013. He speaks fluent German and English.

-10% discount
for accounting
for service of documents by the 7th day

handout discount of 10% on accounting