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How Accai helps us in our day-to-day work

It's been a few weeks since the launch of our new Accai billing tool. We were very pleased with how many positive feedback and constructive suggestions we have encountered from its users during all this time.

We are very pleased that Accai is a very useful tool not only for our accounting clients, but also for various external users. For ourselves, Accai is a working tool that makes our business easier in many ways every day.

Issuing invoices

At TaxWise, we issue two types of invoices on a regular basis, namely prepayment invoices and properly sharp invoices. After issuing the prepayment invoice and paying it, we will then issue a sharp invoice for only 2 clicks with the mouse. Our logo will always be automatically displayed on our invoices and, of course, the automatic stretching of our customers' identification data into the invoice is also a matter of course.

Various language mutations allow us to issue invoices in color differentiation also for our English and German-speaking clients.

Since we provide our clients with different types of services, through our own automatic series we have a complete overview and order in our issued invoices. With the help of various types of filters, we can search any invoice very quickly.

QR codes

All our issued invoices also include a QR code for simplified and expedited payment by our clients and flawless pairing of invoices with payments.

Automatic payment pairing

Since individual money transactions from our bank accounts are automatically downloaded via api in real time, the pairing of our issued prepayment and sharp invoices with individual payments takes place automatically in real time. In addition, we are regularly informed about the payment of our invoices by means of notifications. In the case of cash payment of invoices, we can also mark the cash payment manually in the system.

Automatic reminders

With the help of automatic sending of reminders, we have significantly reduced the number of our outstanding claims. We have divided our clients according to different criteria and based on this have created several groups of reminders. For each group of clients, we then defined in what periods from the due date of our invoices Accai will send reminders itself. Therefore, we are mainly concerned with the management of our receivables only by a fully automated system.

Different levels of approaches

Since Accai is not only worked with by the owners of the company, but all employees, using different levels of approaches (founder, admin, economist, fact-teller) we have simple and effective permissions to work with the program. It does not happen that an unauthorized person sees what he does not see.

Interactive business overviews

Without the need for manual calculation, Accai itself offers us an overview of the achieved sales for the selected period and an overview of unpaid invoices broken down by the period from their due date.

Compilation of VAT returns and automatic accounting

At Accai, we are also constantly working on the development of a module allowing automatic charging and automatic compilation of VAT returns. In the foreseeable future, Accai himself will post most of the documents on the basis of which he himself will draw up a VAT return, including a control statement.

How to start using Accai

Accai can be used by anyone. With it, our client will get a tool that will enable him to issue invoices quickly and efficiently, manage his receivables and at the same time have interactive overviews of his business. In addition, a number of other functionalities will be added in Accai in the near future.

Learn about all the benefits and benefits of using Accai online billing and accounting tool

Mgr. Ing. Ľuboš Čandik
Author of the article
He studied corporate management at the University of Economics and the Faculty of Law in Bratislava. Since 2005, he has worked for several major tax consultancy companies of international focus. It focuses on income tax, VAT, international taxation, tax optimisation, social and health regulations, labour and business law. He has been tax adviser since January 2013. He speaks fluent German and English.

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