obligation of vat payers

Obligation of VAT payers to notify the tax office of bank account numbers

With effect from 15.11.2021, VAT payers are required to notify

All VAT payers, whether legal or natural persons – entrepreneurs who will be registered after 15.11.2021 as VAT payers (Section 4 of Act No. 222/2004 On Value Added Tax) will be obliged to notify the tax office of the numbers of all accounts. This will apply to all accounts with payment service providers such as banks, foreign banks, branches of foreign banks, etc., whether in Slovakia or abroad, and which are used for business that is subject to value added tax.

VAT payers will have to indicate to the tax office all accounts to which they collect or from which they send payments for supplies of goods or services subject to value added tax.

This obligation will have to be notified by each VAT payer without delay from the date on which he became a VAT payer or from the date on which he set up such an account. The account notification also applies to such accounts as belong to a person other than the VAT payer, but you will be obliged to indicate the name or name and surname of the account holder.

The notification of accounts as well as any changes to already announced accounts will be submitted exclusively electronically via a structured form published by the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic on its website.

All VAT payers who were VAT payers before the date of 15.11.2021 are obliged to comply with the notification obligation by 30.11.2021. The notification obligation must also be fulfilled by a VAT payer who has already notified the account to the tax office in the past.

For example, if you stop using an account notified to the tax office to cash in or pay for supplies of goods or services, you will cancel the account or other changes you are obliged to notify the tax office.

We encourage all VAT payers to comply with the above notification obligation, because from 1 January 2022 the tax office will refund the excess VAT only if you have fulfilled your notification obligation and will only refund the excess to the bank account you have notified to the tax office.

ATTENTION: If you provide incorrect, false or incomplete information about the reported account to the tax office, the tax office is entitled to impose a fine of up to EUR 10,000.


XY s.r.o., which has been a VAT payer since 01.05.2020, has two bank accounts. One of these two bank accounts is used to pay for outgoing invoices and at the same time receives payments to that account for the goods and services supplied subject to VAT. The second bank account is used by the company exclusively to pay employees' wages and only accepts transfers of funds from its other account to that account.


XY s.r.o. is obliged to notify the tax office by 30.11.2021 of its bank account number to which it receives payments for the goods and services provided and from which it makes payments of ad-out invoices. XY s.r.o. does not report to the Tax Office the account number from which it performs exclusively payment of wages. However, should the company decide to use both of its accounts to pay for a lot of invoices and issued invoices, it must notify the tax office before using the account for this purpose.

Mgr. Dominika Ružičková Kubišová, MBA
Author of the article
Assistant tax advisor and accountant active in the field of taxation and subsidies.  She graduated from the Academy of Economics and Management in Bratislava with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. She completed her studies at the European School of Business & Management in Prague with a focus on corporate business. He speaks fluent English.

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