Corona subsidies

The unfavourable business situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has already affected almost every entrepreneur. In the past period, several subsidies have been created to help entrepreneurs cope with this challenging period. Depending on the decrease or increase in the number of infected inhabitants, measures of entry to restaurants, fitness centers, hairdressers, shops, etc. are modified. As the situation constantly changes and develops, the conditions and amounts of individual subsidies are also adapted to this.

First Aid to employers, employees and sole traders

The most well-known grant was first aid or First Aid + or First Aid ++, which provides entrepreneurs with a contribution to the wages of employees and sole traders for the trade itself. From July 2021, the amount of the contribution and the possibility of drawing the subsidy will be determined according to the current epidemiological situation in a given month.

For the months of December 2021 and January 2022 , it is possible to draw a subsidy under Phase 2 as follows:

  • Measure 1 and 3A amounting to 80 % of the total labour cost (up to EUR 1,100)
  • Measure 2 of EUR 270-810
  • Measure 3B of EUR 450-810 (up to 80 % of the employee's labour cost)
  • Measure 4A and 4B of EUR 315
Contribution to the staff member's wage costs in compulsory closure

The statement for the month of December 2021 can be submitted until 28.02.2022.

The statement for january 2022 can be submitted until 31.03.2022.

Subsidy for tourism

Tourism companies such as hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and others have probably been hit hardest. The plants could not be opened for months and therefore the Ministry of Transport provided a subsidy for the uncovered fixed costs for these facilities. Currently, the 4th stage of this subsidy ("Autumn Subsidy")is open, which means that a subsidy can be requested for the period from 1.9.2021 to 30.11.2021. The grant application was made available from 06.12.2021. If you are entitled to previous periods, you can also apply for contributions for periods back within stage 4.

Rent subsidy

It is provided for a period when operations had to be closed or severely restricted. The Ministry of Economy will provide a rent subsidy to the tenant in the amount to which the rebate was granted to landlords, up to a maximum of 50 % of the rent. The period for which a subsidy can be requested depends on COVID AUTOMATA, district and type of operation. The call for applications for subsidies was launched on 17.12.2021. Applications can be submitted by 28.02.2022.

Subsidy First Aid is the most frequently used subsidy, so we have prepared for you an overview of individual measures


(contribution terminated)

The financial contribution is intended for all employers who, by decision of the Public Health Authority, have had to close or prohibit their establishments. The amount of the allowance shall be granted for the time which staff have not been able to allocate work.

Contribution to the staff member's wage costs in compulsory closure
Self-employed allowance in the loss of turnover


The contribution to compensate for loss of income from self-employment will be granted in the amount of 60% of the basis of assessment from which self-employed persons are obliged to pay social insurance premiums and contributions to old-age pension savings as of 28 February 2022, but not more than 810 euros.

Please contact your accountant or social security institution for details for the completion of the application.

You can send the application by post, electronically (portal or take it personally to the competent labour office.

More information on the use of assistance for self-employed persons can be found here.


(contribution terminated)

The financial contribution shall be intended for all employers who have limited their establishments, closed their establishments or which have had their turnover reduced in the context of an emergency situation. The amount of the allowance shall be granted for a period for which the employer has been unable to assign work to employees or is granted on a flat-rate basis, depending on the amount of the fall in turnover.

Employer's contribution to employees' wage costs as turnover declines
Contribution for self-employed persons and single-person s.r.o.


(contribution terminated)

The financial contribution is intended for self-employed workers who have suspended or restricted their activities and who have not been subject to social security contributions and do not pay voluntary social insurance. The contribution is also intended for single-person limited liability companies which have a single member. The amount of the allowance from the tenth month shall be fixed at a flat rate of EUR 315 per month.


(contribution terminated)

The financial contribution shall be intended for natural persons who, by reason of an emergency situation, have ceased to engage in income. The contribution shall be subject to the condition that the activity was carried out by a natural person before the date of the declaration of the crisis situation. The amount of the allowance shall be fixed at a flat rate of EUR 300 per month.

Allowance for natural persons without income

-10% discount
for accounting
for service of documents by the 7th day

handout discount of 10% on accounting