Our story


TaxWise, based in Bratislava, was founded in May 2016. However, the beginnings of this company go much further, namely to 2007, when Bright Ideas was founded.

Bright Ideas was founded to set up new companies, keep accounts and advise. To date, it has already established more than 5000 companies (mainly s.r.o.). Its main representative from the beginning is Ján Svočák.

In 2016, Ján Svočák joined his business partner Pavol Grožaj and founded TaxWise together, which separated accounting and consulting activities into TaxWise s.r.o. Bright Ideas has since been heavily involved in setting up new companies and TaxWise is mainly engaged in accounting, tax consulting and wage processing.


In early 2020, tax advisor Ľuboš Čandik joined the company, significantly strengthening the professional level provided by TaxWise.

TaxWise has been continuously and steadily growing since its inception. Even in challenging times, we constantly strive to develop and improve quality, expand the offer of our services and follow the direction of automation. Crisis situations mean not a threat to us, but an opportunity to distinguish ourselves from others.

We process accounting and wages in the Pohoda program. We provide our services in Slovak, German and English.

Management TaxWise s.r.o.

Vision of the future

In 5-10 years' time, accounting as we know it today will not exist. Most manual operations are replaced by automation. Specialized accounting and analysis teams will be linked to the business much more than they do today.

Analysis of processed data in real time and in the hands of (mobile phones) owners and managers will be an absolute necessity. Without it, a modern entrepreneur can not do and will not succeed.

That's why, as a company, we decided to look to the future through modern technologies that we strive to implement into internal processes and communication with the client. We have also decided to invest in new technologies and are developing our own accounting and invoicing tool based on the use of artificial intelligence.


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for accounting
for service of documents by the 7th day

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